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Area Heaters

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Our range of heaters for rent includes the commercial Area Heater, which is the perfect solution for keeping your guests warm at your next event. Standing around 1.3m high, Area Patio Heaters are suited to areas where you may not have alot of clearance such as in a well ventilated marquee, patio or under cover area. Area Heaters will produce the same amount of heat (around a 2.5 meter radius) as our Mushroom Heaters, the heat is more at body height. The Area Heaters run on LPG gas and require ventilation, if your area doesn't have any ventilation please see our Electric Radiant Heaters or phone our office so we can recommend the best solution for your requirements.

Choose from our range of Patio Heater packages, there is one to suit all events large and small. We offer packages both with and without gas, the heaters take a standard 9kg BBQ gas bottle. 1 of our LPG gas bottles will give you around 8-10 hours of heat, heating a 2.5m radius.